All good things come in threes: a cycling tour, a weekend trip and an exploratory tour of the city. I have made the perfect mix of these three elements for you. There is nothing I like more than meeting new people, sharing experiences, exchanging stories over a delicious cup of coffee....


I personally think it is a great experience to explore a city by bike in the company of a local. Taking visitors on a tour of my city seemed the most rewarding job in the world. And after a 25-year career in various companies, I finally got on my bike! My experience in HR, Facility Management, Marketing & Sales now serve me very well.


I am not only a passionate cyclist but also a certified sommelier. So I can show you the best places to wine & dine in the city. After all, Ghent is renowned for its gastronomy! And having lived in Ghent all my life, I know a thing or two about the local cuisine.


Tim Van Damme






+32  478 76 44 11



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