Coureur Local


Only upon reservation for groups of at least 8 people



As arranged, be there 10 min. prior to departure



3 hours  



  • € 40/pp
  • Tour with your own bike: € 35/pp
  • Children aged under 17: € 30/pp


Free use of

  • cool city bike
  • bicycle helmet (obligatory for children)
  • raincoat (the tours take place in all weathers)


Starting point

Voetweg 46, Ghent



English, French and Dutch

(depending on the participants’ language)



At least 24 hours before the date of departure for full refund.

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Coureur Local

Coureur Local

So you think you know Ghent? I bet this cycling tour will still surprise you! The ‘Coureur Local’ tour will mostly take you to the suburbs via safe and low-traffic routes. This cycling tour will show you lots of couleur locale and will surprises Ghentians with unknown aspects of their city. At the end of the tour, we will traverse the city from north to south. This tour is ideal for families as well as for Ghentians and Belgians who want to explore the city differently. 


All you need to know about this tour

Ghent boasts a wonderful inner city, but this cycling tour will enable you to discover the lively suburbs (from upper class to working class) as well. You start your tour in Miljoenenkwartier, a neighbourhood featuring beautiful homes from the interwar period. This neighbourhood was built on the grounds of the 1913 World's Fair.


You will cycle along Gent-Sint-Pieters train station to Watersportbaan, the city’s rowing race course. You might spot a sports star training at Flanders Sports Arena, the Eddy Merckx Velodrome or the biggest indoor climbing centre in Europe. From the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve, known for its birdlife, you will cycle to the north of Ghent, where you will explore the working-class district De Muide. Finally, you will discover the brand-new urban development of Dok Noord. You will see companies, shops and even a brewery (producing Ghent’s trendiest beers).


The tour begins with a short introduction, a test ride with our bikes and some practical arrangements. Enjoy the ride!


Highlights of this tour

  • The Miljoenenkwartier and Gent-Sint-Pieters train station neighbourhoods, the Watersportbaanrowing race course, the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve, the Westerbegraafplaats cemetery, the Tondeleir site, Muide, Dok Noord, Vrijdagmarkt square, Graffiti street, etc.
  • The best stories about these sites
  • A stressfree bite-sized experience of the city