Urban and Street Art tour


as arranged



Be there 10 min. prior to departure 



3 hours  



  • € 40/pp
  • Tour with your own bike: € 35/pp
  • Children aged under 14: € 35/pp


Free use of

  • cool city bike 
  • bicycle helmet (obligatory for children)
  • raincoat (the tours take place in all weathers)


Starting point
Voetweg 46, Gent



English, French and Dutch

(depending on the participants’ language)



At least 24 hours before the date of departure for full refund.

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Urban and Street Art tour

Urban en Street Art!

If you’re fond of creativity in public space, you will love this creative cycling tour of Ghent. You will explore a city that inspires with surprising street art, contemporary art, graffiti and art with a capital G.


All you need to know about this tour

Ghent creates. Ghent inspires. Ghent is alive. All that is clear from this cycling tour during your trip to Ghent. On this guided tour, you will discover more than on an ordinary walk through the city. At the same time, you experience the sense of freedom which makes visiting a city so enjoyable.


This free spirit can also be seen in the many works of urban and street art. Ghent is the city of ROA, one of the most influential street artists in the world according to The Huffington Post. But you will also discover other great names from the street art scene: Bué The warrior, Chase, Sam Scarpulla, Pol Cosmo…


The city has created several so-called free zones where street artists can express their creativity. The tour takes you along numerous of the coolest spots in town.


The tour begins with a short introduction, a test ride with our bikes and some practical arrangements. Enjoy the ride!


Highlights of this tour: 

  • Names that inspire: ROA, Bué the Warrior, Sam Scarpulla, Pol Cosmo and many other graffiti artists
  • Organisations that inspire: Wallin’ VZW, Sorry, not Sorry Festival
  • Places that inspire: Dok Noord, De Krook library, Kapitein Zeppos park, Graffiti street