Ghent By Night


Booking for groups only



At 8 pm, be there 10 min. prior to departure



2 hours      



  • Price: € 325 up to 10 people, 30€ per additional person


Free use of 

  • cool city bike
  • bicycle helmet (obligatory for children)
  • raincoat (the tours take place in all weathers)


Starting point 

 Voetweg 46, Ghent



English, French and Dutch

(depending on the participants’ language)



At least 24 hours before the date of departure for full refund

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Ghent By Night

Gent By Night!

All cities have lighting, but Ghent has a lighting plan. It offers the perfect setting for a ‘Gent by Night’ cycling tour during your stay. This cycling tour guided by a local enables you to experience the city in a completely different manner. You will discover the extra dimension of wonderfully floodlit historical buildings and squares. On this must-do tour, you get the most stunning view of this city of lights as well as several fascinating anecdotes!


All you need to know about this tour

Cycling through Ghent by night is unique. Street lights are not the only lights switched on at dusk. The Ghent Lighting Plan enables you to see the city in a different light. You don’t have to take the locals’ word for it. Designed by famous artist Roland Jéol, the Ghent Lighting Plan has won the International City.People.Light Award.

So finish your day trip to Ghent with a nightly cycling tour. Or make this tour the highlight of your stay. You will cycle along the most picturesque spots, architectural gems and surprising light installations. You won’t get lost, because a real Ghentian will guide you around on a relaxed tour. You will be enlightened by fun facts and dark tales about Ghent.


The tour begins with a short introduction, a test ride with our bikes and some practical arrangements. Enjoy the ride!


Highlights of the Ghent by Night tour

  • Graslei and Korenlei quays, St Michael's Bridge, Castle of the Counts, Portus Ganda, Sint-Pietersplein square, artwork by Alberto Garutti, Les oiseaux bleus, etc.
  • On Wednesday evening, we are going to a very surprising place offering the most beautiful view of the Ghent skyline by night
  • 100% logarithm-free guided tour with a real local